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All Racing, All Kinds, All the Time!




In the world in which we live, there are more forms of racing than anyone can mention. It is here, where we will be exploring and learning about them all.

You will find a Racing Community with all forms of racing, from the most Extreme to the Wackiest on the planet. It’s just like being at the track!

No Politics and No B.S. (unless it involves Racing)! It will cover both forms. Anything that is Motorized and anything that does not have a motor, or Motorless. There is Racing here for everyone, from Baby Races to Rail Drags! You just pick your Favorites and Enjoy.

We hope that this becomes the WIKIPEDIA of RACING.

The reason being is that once you have discovered one kind of racing, it sometimes becomes hard to tear yourself away from it to check out what others are into.

We know that the racing bug bites hard and deep when it gets into your blood and we feel that there is some form of racing that almost everyone can participate in.

You just have to find what suits your wallet, then go do it.

We hope that many future racers will get their start by checking out and finding their niche, right here.

So buckle yourself in for the ride and hold on tight, because now you are  in-  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  the World of Racing!


It’s Goona be Quite a Ride.

First, We must fully acknowledge and Thank YOUTUBE for all their hard work collecting viewer videos that can be republished. Also Thanks to WordPress for the blog, Without either, Life just wouldn’t be as Fun!!

Oops, sorry Darrel, BOYS!
You know that is no longer politically correct, ah what the heck,

In the words of Nascar racing legend Darrel Waltrip, =========

And keep it safe!